Saturday, November 30, 2013


Today was like yesterday we had plenty of Stripers. but could not manage a keeper. I tried a couple different areas but the results were the same. Our closest one was 26.5 inches. If you want to catch some fish come on down your chances are very good. I'm just hoping we get another shot at the big fish. I heard there was lots of fish past the three mile limit, but they must move in closer for us to get a shot at them. I heard the Coast guard was out today checking boats that were outside the line. Its not worth the risk. Hopefully tomorrow we will get some keepers.
                                              See you soon, Capt. Rob

Friday, November 29, 2013


You know I give a report everyday we get out, good or bad. Today I wouldn't call a good one unless you just liked to catch fish and not bring them home. I started the day not sure what to do after a couple days off. I decided to head rite for the big ones and if there was any bird life on the way I would stop. I found one area of birds but not much going on we caught a handful of shorts and one Blue.  So I left it and went looking for the big ones. I looked and looked but no good . I headed back to a area that I knew had fish but the keepers were far and few between. We spent the rest of the day there, and out of the hundreds of Stripers we caught we could not get a keeper.  You cant always hit a homer sometimes you strike out. Tomorrow we have a change in the wind and hopefully that will get the big ones eating again.
                                             See you soon, Capt. Rob

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Another good day today. I planned on heading rite to the bigger fish today but there were so many birds around before I could get there I had to make a stop. We caught some shorts and a couple keepers on a few drifts then it was time to move on. As I was heading into yesterdays spot all I saw were a few birds flying around, It didn't look good. As I picked up the binoculars and took a look around I spotted some working birds a little farther away and as luck would have it they were the nicer size Fish. We ended up with a nice bunch of keepers! There were also some shorts and some big blues mixed in. Everyone caught fish and had a great day! We will not be fishing again until Friday. Unfortunately there is going to be Gale force winds for the next two days. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Fridays weather looks good and hopefully you can make it out and enjoy this fishing while it lasts. Here is some of today's catch.
                                         See you soon, Capt. Rob

Monday, November 25, 2013


I know it was cold today but the few Striper fishermen
 who braved it got there moneys worth, I started the day in the area we have been fishing loads of birds and it was drop and reel fishing after a few drifts we had a ton of shorts but only two keepers. There was life all down the beach and what I heard from the few guys who were out
it was the same all over, loads of shorts but not many keepers. I ran into another area of birds and the fish were bigger but only a couple more keepers. I had a gut feeling I knew where the bigger fish were. I was hoping it was a gut feeling and not nausea from the Giant game yesterday. Anyway I took a chance and drove past many areas of working birds hoping I was rite, I'm sure many people were saying what is this guy doing but it was getting to be late morning and I didn't want to waste time catching the shorts in case I was rite about the bigger fish. As luck would have it there was a ton of bird life in the area that I wanted to fish and yes they were the bigger ones.( Got lucky) I even got in on the action my first cast produced a 22 lber. and my second was 17 lbs. Morris Ducket from Allentown PA took the pool with a 29 lber. It was a pleasurable day no boats around and plenty of fish. Looking at the extended forecast as of now, Wednesday and our Thanksgiving trip on Thursday will be cancelled. I will keep you posted. Tomorrow looks good. Here are some pics. See you soon, Capt. Rob
                                                         Me with my  22 and 17 lber

Howard with his 29 incher I told him I use that size for bait. He did redeem himself after the picture and caught two more bigger ones. ( But not as big as mine)

                                                            Morris Ducket with his 29 lber

Saturday, November 23, 2013


We had very good action with the Stripers till about 11:30 today then they got lock jaw. I took a ride to the area we finished up at yesterday looking for the bigger fish but they couldn't be found. High hook today was 30 Stripers but only one of them  was a keeper. We didn't see as many keepers today as we have been seeing but there were plenty of Stripers. Tomorrow (Sunday) we will NOT be fishing the weather forecast is for North West winds with Gusts to 40 its not going to be nice. As of now the weather looks good for Monday if it changes I will let you know. And don't forget about the Thanksgiving day Special 6:30am till 11:30am. Here are some pics
                                          See you soon, Capt. Rob

Friday, November 22, 2013


WE had a good morning bite again today. Plenty of shorts and some keepers mixed in and only a few Blues. Headed to a different area when that bite died and had a couple shots at nicer fish with only a few shorts. All in all a pretty good day. We are fishing tomorrow Saturday the 23rd. It looks like Sunday is going to be cancelled because of very strong winds. I will let you know tomorrow night for sure, but it doesn't look good for Sunday. Here is some of todays catch.
                                            See you tomorrow, Capt. Rob

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