Monday, August 31, 2020


 We had a very good day today. I will get pics up tomorrow. I ran off the boat to make a T time and I just came back from golf and camera is on the boat. Tomorrows not going to nice in the ocean and that's were the fish are. I will make the decision about Wednesday tomorrow late afternoon. 

Thanks Capt. Rob 

Friday, August 28, 2020


 Not as good as yesterday, we had action with shorts but more keepers would have been nice, The drift was a little fast with the wind today that always makes it a little harder when you need the heavy sinkers . Mike Scheer boated his limit but he was the only one today. I do have some suggestion if you want a better chance of having a fresh Fluke dinner. If you go to the tackle store and find a rig with tinsel. rubber squids, propellers, etc. and you think hey that would look good on my Christmas tree, well guess what that's where it belongs! Keep it simple!!!!!If your going to spend money for Fluke fishing Buy GULP. 5 or 6 inch there are many colors. I think they all work, its just a matter of presentation, you have to bounce your sinker just little bounces on the bottom, you will definitely catch more fish and increase your odds of getting keepers. You do  have to put a little effort into it.  You cant just drag your bait!!  Sure sometimes luck comes into play but not always. Some people really take offense when you tell them they should change the rig.  Sometimes people do finally listen but the bite may be over. Believe me I want you to catch, fish, but I would never force you to. LOL There is a  old Chinese proverb, Stubborn fishermen goes home with empty bucket. Some days nothing seems to work but if you listen and pat attention your odds will increase. If you just out for the day and want to relax and sit on the bench and just drag your bait and enjoy the day that's fine, whatever makes you happy. If your happy I'm happy.  I just figured I would give you some tips before you waste your money on Christmas ornaments. And if your not sure what type of rig or gulp color just ask. I sell gulp on the boat probably cheaper then the tackle stores. Me personally I use a 3/0 bronze baitholder hook with a two and a half foot leader of 20or 30 lb test and one 6 inch gulp and that's it. but I never stop bouncing my sinker. Some guys use a bucktail as a sinker and have good success I use just a plain lead sinker. Just watch whose catching fish and copy it.  Enough said Tomorrows trip Saturday is cancelled but we will resume on Sunday. Thanks for listening and hopefully if your success  rate has not been good this will help. If you have been catching well keep doing what you have been doing,  Be safe and see you soon, Capt. Rob

                                                         Mike Scheer with his limit

Thursday, August 27, 2020


 A much better day today. we had good conditions most of the day today. Not many people for a beautiful day, I guess the rain in the morning scared some of you. anyway we had a couple limits today including yours truly. I saw nobody in the pulpit today so I had to take jump down there and try my luck. Luck was with me, by 10:30 I had my 3 keepers . Todays pool winner went  4 lbs . Tomorrow looks like another nice day. We will be back at it. See you soon, Capt. Rob

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


 The wind really hurt us the past couple days. The drift was way to fast. we ended up with some keepers each trip a couple guys managed two keepers each day with a couple 4 lbers but it wasn't good. Tomorrow will be much less wind and we stand a much better chance. I will get pics up tomorrow. PS don't book any spots for Saturday yet it may be a washout check the weather.

See you soon, Capt. Rob

Monday, August 24, 2020


You can tell the summer is coming to a end as the crowds start to dwindle. Where did this summer and Fluke season go.   We picked away today but more shorts seemed to have moved in We caught a good mess of short Fluke and seabass with keepers of each mixed in. I even went down on the first drift and caught a keeper Fluke We will be back at it tomorrow. Be safe and see you soon, Capt. Rob

Sunday, August 23, 2020


After Fridays good trip I was hoping Saturday would be the same but no such luck, conditions were not good and we struggled. The pool winner was just under 6 lbs. Today on the other hand the conditions were good and so was the fishing. A bunch of nice size keeper Fluke and lots of big seabass. Todays pool winner was 6.5 lbs. Tomorrows conditions look the same as today so we should be able to do it again.

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