Friday, November 30, 2018


We had a good day with the short Stripers. I left looking for the big boys but they never showed. I had to head back to the areas we have been fishing. We finished up with a handful of slot stripers to take home and many thrown back. All in all not a bad day. Tomorrow looks good, if you can pick a day over the weekend tomorrow is your best shot. Tomorrow late afternoon and night the wind is going to come up out of the east. It will churn the water up and that wont help us for Sunday. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow, Capt. Rob

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


The marine forecast for tomorrow is NW winds gusts to 35. We will take one more day off as Friday looks much better.. See you on Friday, Capt. Rob

Monday, November 26, 2018


If I would have seen the wind report that they changed last night and it wasn't for the better I would have just cancelled the trip today.  Anyway a few people showed up and a few traveled a good distance So I decide to do a four hour trip and get in before the wind really picked up. I was the only nut out there . It was a little snotty out but it was not dangerous. I went right back to yesterdays spot . the water was still brown and churned up. We picked away at the short stripers all morning but nothing to keep. We docked at 11:30 before the tide changed and it really got nasty. As of now we are off tomorrow and Wednesday I will keep you updated. Capt. Rob

Sunday, November 25, 2018


I don't know if you guys had the weather last night like we did in south and central jersey but Holy Cow . It was a mini Nor'easter. Today there was a big swell in the ocean and the water was dirty. There were no reports of birds over hungry Stripers anywhere. I decide to hit a spot that has been good to me in the past and it payed off. We had very good action early on with the shorts I know one guy who is a very good fishermen landed 33 shorts. We ended up with a handful to take home. I know of a few guys who are showing up tomorrow to fish. The weather doesn't look great but if its the only day you can make it we will give it a shot. If the weather forecast stays the same for Tuesday west wind with gusts to 40 we will not be going. As of now Wednesday looks like the day when everything should settle down and we have our best shot at a good day. See you soon, Capt. Rob

Saturday, November 24, 2018


We caught plenty of Stripers today in different areas till the southeast wind picked up around 12:30 then the bite died.  We could not locate the could bigger Stripers today, I'm not sure if it was all the boat traffic out there today or not. Tomorrow is a Northwest wind which is usually good for the Striper fishing. We will see what tomorrow brings , See you then, Capt. Rob

Friday, November 23, 2018

SEA HUNTER Black friday Stripers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It was a little chilly in the morning but it turned out nice, I know the weather forecast kept many people home today as this is usually a busy day for us. The fish didn't mind the cold one bit. We had our boat limit of fish over 28 inches a bunch of slot stripers and a load of shorts It was a very good day. the weekend weather looks good so hopefully you can make it down, we used jigs and shads all day today. The other day the shads were better but today the diamond jig seemed to be better. We have all the tackle on the boat if you don't have it. we will see you soon, Capt. Rob

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

SEA HUNTER Wednesday 11-21 Stripers It just keeps getting better !!!!!!!!!!!!

We started the day in a area that was producing good action with the shorts and a few slot fish. I decided to leave that and go look for some bigger fish. The next area we hit it was  super action but there was nothing we could keep. So we went looking again and found some more shorts but they were even smaller. The plan was not working out at all, as a matter of fact it was backfiring on me. Some more birds showed in  another area , It was do or die. Sometimes a plan comes together and other times it doesn't. Today it did!! We boated a good amount of big fish and lost a good amount . We also landed a nice codfish in that area. It ended up being a very good day, plenty of action and plenty of keepers. Its a shame tomorrow is going to be so cold and windy, but it wouldn't be smart to go out in that kind of weather, we would be making ice from all the spray which would be dangerous on the decks, plus it would be no fun. I was talking to some other boats and it sounds like most of them are cancelling also. Friday wont be as cold and the winds are not bad. So hopefully we can do it again on Friday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I will see you Friday or hopefully over the weekend. Thanks for checking in and fishing with us. Capt. Rob Here are some pics

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