Monday, October 31, 2016


We had a some good fishermen on the boat today. A nice stiff breeze I thought this was going to be some good day. A few boats out but not many. Everything was looking good until we couldn't find any bird life anywhere. We drove around and finally some birds . We stopped and caught two slot fish that we tossed back as we were in NY waters. And that was pretty much it all the life diapered. We drove and drove and looked everywhere. Finally a big school of fish showed we had one shot at them. Some keepers, slots ,shorts and a couple Blues, and they vanished.We ended up picking up few more keepers at days end but it was not the fishing I expected. To make a long story short it could have been worse but I wish it was better. We will be back at it tomorrow.
See you then, Capt. Rob  Here are a few pics.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


I wouldn't call it good but I wouldn't call it bad either. I will give it a OK today.The fish today were in Jersey waters so we were able to use the bonus tags. I am very surprised only a few people have had them. Tomorrow is your last chance to get one so stop procrastinating .Here is the website   Anyway it was a gorgeous day lots of fish around but they were mostly small schools. Most stops we caught a few. Again they were hard to catch. At one point we had fish busting and swimming all around the boat and only managed to catch 3 of them. They stayed up for most of the day but they were up and down pretty quick. Again lots of boats but not as bad as yesterday. They are calling for a little wind tomorrow morning but it is suppose to diminish as the day goes on. that should be good for us.We are fishing tomorrow so come on down. Make sure you bring a rod and reel you can cast. The rubber shads are working best, white ,green or bunker color. We will be back out there tomorrow, Capt. Rob

Saturday, October 29, 2016


What a madhouse out there today. Boats on top of boats on top of boats. We were lucky to even catch at all today. The birds were up till 10:30-11:00 and that was it. The fish were done eating. We had a few shots at the fish. Some nice keepers and some slots we had to throw back the slots today as the fish were in NY waters and the NJ bonus tag is not valid in NY waters. Anyway we kept 18 the biggest was 23.5 lbs caught by Paul Schuckalo. We threw back another 18 slots and some shorts. The fish were not easy to catch with all the boats running threw them but we did what we could do. Here are a few pics. we will be back at it tomorrow. See you then, Capt. Rob

Friday, October 28, 2016


I'm glad i decided to cancel today. The wind was whipping for sure today but is suppose to diminish tonight.  See you tomorrow Capt. Rob. PS Do not forget to get your bonus tags if you want to keep that extra Striper. October 31st is the cut off date . is the link. It only costs the price of a stamp.The State is nice enough to give you this extra fish. Take advantage of it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


                                             Not many people today because of the forecast.
We started out in yesterdays area there was bird life but not as many areas as yesterday. I guess some those fish weren't hungry,still full from yesterday. We stayed with it for a hour and caught some keepers some slots and shorts, but it was pretty nasty we did lots of rolling. We headed to calmer waters and luckily the Stripers were there. The fish were a little harder to catch today. A few guys managed 10-13 Stripers. Shads worked the best. We kept all we were allowed with bonus fish and keepers and threw the rest back.The biggest was 23 lbs. . Its going to be a bit windy tomorrow NW gusts to 30 and I don't feel like holding on and getting rolled around as we drift . My Viking days are over. Like the saying goes you get a little older and a little wiser. We will save those Stripers for Saturday. See you then, Capt. Rob

Howard with a nice 23 lb Striper

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SEA HUNTER 10-26 STRIPERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should have been here today! Lots of stripers around today. It was a good sight to see. We jigged all day Tsunamis and Shads produced very well. Everyone brought home a keeper and a slot fish. We threw shorts, keepers and slots today as we could not keep anymore. High hooks were in the teens. The pool winner went 20 lbs. If you can make the trip down in the morning. It sound like most of the rain is in the afternoon. Friday is looking iffy they are talking NW gale force winds. Hopefully I see you tomorrow, Capt. Rob

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The winds are suppose to decrease overnight. Tomorrow Wednesday looks good. I hear the birds were up today with Stripers under them!!  See you tomorrow, Capt. Rob

Monday, October 24, 2016


The winds are suppose to keep blowing all night into tomorrow. All the Stripers are in the bay now with nothing down the beach yet. The bay will not be very nice for drifting so we will get back at it on Wednesday.
 See you then, Capt. Rob

Sunday, October 23, 2016


It looks like another very windy day tomorrow. There will be no fishing on Monday. Hopefully Tuesday we will get out there. I will post tomorrow and let you know.
See you then, Capt. Rob

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Not much went on today. The east wind was blowing a little harder then predicted. We found a few areas of small blues today in the back bay. I couldn't really venture  many places. All the charter boats who were Striper fishing retreated to the bay as the seas were a little angry. I turned the 3/4 day trip to a half day trip and docked at noon. Tomorrow looks much better. I am cancelling Saturday and probably Sunday due to the very strong winds. Hopefully Monday we will be back at it.
See you soon, Capt. Rob. .

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We found some fish today but they were very hard to catch. The schools would pop up for a minute and then gone . We were like pin balls today back and forth back and forth. Even when we did get on the fish good they were hard to catch.We ended the day with a few keepers one slot fish and a couple handfuls of shorts.Rubber Shads were the ticket today. The fish were very boat shy you had to cast away from the boat to have a chance. When you come down bring a spinning reel15 to 25 lb test, unless you can cast a conventional reel good. Also bring something a little heavier in case we bait fish a medium action conventional is fine for that, 25 to 30 lb test, We have plenty of room for your extra rods. We do rent the rods on the boat if you don't have them. We do allow braided line on the boat but it is not necessary or even recommended by me. Its a bitch when it gets in a tangle. I am old school 20 to 30 lb ANDE pink line is what I use and it never fails me. Tomorrow and Friday weather looks OK as far as wind goes maybe some showers. Saturday looks like a stay home day with wind gusts to 40, and I am not sure about Sunday yet. See you soon, Capt. Rob

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