Friday, November 29, 2013


You know I give a report everyday we get out, good or bad. Today I wouldn't call a good one unless you just liked to catch fish and not bring them home. I started the day not sure what to do after a couple days off. I decided to head rite for the big ones and if there was any bird life on the way I would stop. I found one area of birds but not much going on we caught a handful of shorts and one Blue.  So I left it and went looking for the big ones. I looked and looked but no good . I headed back to a area that I knew had fish but the keepers were far and few between. We spent the rest of the day there, and out of the hundreds of Stripers we caught we could not get a keeper.  You cant always hit a homer sometimes you strike out. Tomorrow we have a change in the wind and hopefully that will get the big ones eating again.
                                             See you soon, Capt. Rob

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