Sunday, November 4, 2012


We just got our power back today. The SEA HUNTER survived the storm. I took it to another location for the storm. Unfortunately the Atlantic Highlands Harbor did not do as well. The police wont let anybody into the harbor but from what i can see from a distance it looks like most of the piers were destroyed. I know all the party fishing boats are OK as we all left the harbor.  Most of the pleasure boats that stayed in the water were destroyed.I do see a couple that that are floating, how they made it was just pure luck. It looks like all the boats that pulled out of the water in the harbor were just piled up on each other as the storm surge was so incredible. I'm not exactly how high the water was in our harbor but i would say a minimum of five feet of water in the parking lot. I know where my boat was in Staten Island there was eight feet of water in the parking lot. Words cannot describe the devastation along the Jersey coast. I saw many pics today of the neighboring towns and ones further away and my heart and prayers go out to those people many who lost everything. I'm not sure if we will be able to continue our fishing season for this year it would all depend on if and when we can get back to the dock. To be honest I'm just glad my boat my house and most of my family and friends made it with minimal damage. Unfortunately i do know a few who lost everything. I'm pretty sure if you are reading this you made it through the storm OK and that's great! If you have anything you can give to the less fortunate clothes, blankets, food, anything at all you can contact the Red Cross. Believe me lots of people are in desperate need. I will keep you posted on whats going as soon as I know. Be Safe and Thanks, Capt. Rob 

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