Tuesday, December 26, 2017

SEA HUNTER 12-26 REPORT We were scrooged today

Only a few brave souls showed up today. I new I should have just sent everyone home. But I figured its the last trip of the season and theses people were ready to brave the cold I would take them out..As we were heading out we were taking spray and it was freezing up on the boat. It blew a steady 25 with gusts to 30 It was around 10 degrees with the wind chill.  Once we made the turn to head down the beach it was pretty nice with the wind at our back and the beach protecting us from the seas. I was hoping the fish were where we left them on Sunday or even close to the area. To make a long story short.There was no bird life at all, only bait marks on the fish finder, we caught one Mackerel..Froze our buts off. All the rods that were at the rail and lots of the boat were frozen solid. I gave the guys some money back and docked at noon. It was a very good fall with the Stripers this year the weather was nice most days and that super late run of big fish put the icing on the cake. I hated to end it this way, but all good things must come to a end.Thanks again to everyone who fished with us..Have a safe and healthy winter. Spring is only a few months away! See you soon for spring Stripers, Capt. Rob


Sunday, December 24, 2017

SEA HUNTER CHRISTMAS EVE STRIPERS!!! They were hungry today!!!!!!!!!!

After Fridays trip and all that rain and wind yesterday I wasn't sure what was going to happen today. A very small crowed today got a early Christmas present.  I started off the day with all the shorts and bonus fish we could handle. Then it was time to go find the big ones. And the big ones we did find and they were hungry. Limits all around.There are still plenty of Stripers out there! I am going to give you Striper fishermen one more shot if you have it in you. I am going to fish Tuesday the day after Christmas then I'm going to call it a season. It looks like the temperature is really going to drop to below freezing from Wednesday on. So Tuesday is it. Last call. Thanks so much to everyone for coming down and I hope you enjoyed it. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and If I don't see you Tuesday Have a great new year.
Thanks again, Capt. Rob


Friday, December 22, 2017

SEA HUNTER 12-22 STRIPER REPORT No Advil needed today

The Stripers won today. We caught some fish but not even close to whats been going on this week.The fish are still there, hanging in the same area but they did not want to eat.Plenty of good readings on the fish finder , We had some bird activity early in the morning then it vanished for the rest of the day I just worked the fish finder and kept stopping on fish that would not bite..It looked like at the tide change things were going to pick up but it was short lived.The fish were just hanging on the bottom and didn't want to be bothered. We are not going to fish tomorrow, Rain wind and fog is in the forecast. We will be back out there on Sunday and if all goes well we will fish the day after Christmas. Thanks for checking in, Capt. Rob

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Another fantastic day today. Boat limit with keepers and slots. The only thing different today was the fish were mixed sizes. It was the opposite of the last few days. We limited out on slots first then the keepers. There is some amount of Stripers out there. I had a few guys today who caught between 40 and 50. Today's pool winner went 18 lbs You may want to bring a few Advil  with you because if it stays like this your arms will be sore. This week looks like the last call. We will fish Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Looking at the extended forecast its going to get very cold next week. We will see what happens. I don't have any pics yet. We had a camera malfunction today and deckhand Mat the man took a few on his phone and is suppose to send them to me but I haven't gotten them yet. I'm sure he is cleaning the boat as he is not answering his phone. When I get them I will put them up.If you want to catch Stripers now is the time. You snooze you loose. Thanks to everyone who has came down the past few days I know its a hectic time of year and the wife may give you a hard time but she will get over it, just buy her a nice gift. Thanks for checking in, Capt. Rob

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

SEA HUNTER 12-19 STRIPER REPORT. The pressure was on today

It was nice to see a good turnout today, with really great bunch of guys.I was really hoping not to disappoint them after the super fishing we had the day before I know this would probably be the last trip of the season for most of them. Well I think I did my job well today and most people wont forget this trip. I am not lying when I tell you I really don't know how many big fish we threw back today. I am suppose to keep a log for the State of what we keep and release but there was no way to keep up on the ones being thrown back. All I can tell you is there were three of us netting on deck and at times we couildnt keep up. The fish were flying!! Most of the fish were bigger then 28 inches and it took us all day to catch enough Bonus fish (That is a striper between 24 and 28 inches if you don't know). Usually I'm looking for bigger fish but the pat few days after the second drift I am looking for the smaller ones but today I couldn't find a nice school of them like I did yesterday. There were a few guys who kept count and they were between 12 and19 and high hook was in the low 20s These are all big fish, so thats a great day. I'm gonna take a guess and say at least 300 keepers were thrown back and I'm sure I'm light on the count. The biggest was caught by Harry Hunt it was 28 lbs. Rich Sloan had one 22lbs. Most of the fish were 10 to 16 lbs. You really have to be here to appreciate it. If your a Striper guy and you haven't been down the past three days I hope you can get in on it before its over. I will not be fishing tomorrow Wed. the 13th. The report is for Northwest wind with gusts to 35 knots. So Thursday will be your next shot and Friday looks good also. Thanks for checking in Capt. Rob  Here is just some of today's catch.
Harry Hunt 28 lb Striper that was released

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