Saturday, December 26, 2015


Well the 2015 season is officially over for the SEA HUNTER. Thanks to everyone who fished with us this year, and in years past. It was an up and down season this year; especially the Spring Striper run. The summer Fluke fishing went as usual; plenty of action with the shorts, but the bigger fish 18 inches and above were not as plentiful. One thing I have noticed the past few years is that the Berkley Gulp baits are working very well for the Fluke, especially the larger sized ones. As an old school fishermen it took me a few years to be a believer, but now I am. Due to this I started using them myself, and selling them on the boat for people who also wanted to use them.The fall Striper run started slow, but was pretty consistent the last month. The bonus tags helped tremendously, and I am hoping they keep the program going.  The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife started by giving us 50 tags for the entire fall so I was pretty stingy with them, but by November they were very short of their poundage quota so they started giving them to the Party and Charter boats as we needed them. I was then able to give out one to everyone who had a slot fish and needed a tag. I know that lots of you this year signed up late, and it took 3 weeks to a month to get the tag so if they keep the program going and they use the same mailing system don't hesitate to sign up because you may not get your tag in time (I'm not sure how many they are going to give the Party and Charter boats to start). We will start up in late March or early April for Stripers, and by the way I saw the amount of Stripers in the bay this fall and the ones I heard of up the rivers I think we should have a better spring with the Stripers. Thanks again, and have a great winter! We will see you in the spring!
                                        Capt. Rob

Friday, December 18, 2015


Another good day today with the Stripers and Blues! Some areas held only Blues while others were all Stripers.The big 9 inch Tsunamis worked very well today on the Stripers. Some guys were having a hard time catching the Stripers till they put on  the bigger Tsunamis. Some guys had no problem with the ava 47s and caught well. Don't panic and run out and buy the 9 inchers yet we have them on the boat if you need them. And I do believe I sell them cheaper. Anyway everyone brought home a bonus Striper and there were a handful of Stripers over 28 inches and plenty of big Blues.We are starting to pay for all the nice weather we have been having, as it seems like we are only fishing every other day either its the rain or the wind. Tomorrow, Saturday the forecast is for West winds with gusts to 40 So that means we will be staying dockside. So get all your chores and shopping out of the way tomorrow and plan on fishing Sunday if you want to come out. We will still be fishing next week as long as the fish are around and the weather lets us. Hopefully we can fish till the end of the month.I still have plenty of bonus tags to get rid of.
                                                 See you soon, Capt. Rob

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A very good day today. The first few drifts it was all Stripers then about 10:00 the Blues started to get hungry as well then it was a mix of Bass and Blues. The action was good the entire trip even through the slack tide. Everyone went home with at least a slot Striper and some also had a keeper to go with it. If you wanted the Blues there were plenty of them. Most of the Blues were netted and released to fight another day. We are NOT fishing tomorrow as they are calling for drizzle and fog in the morning along with a SE wind and heavy rain later in the day. Our next trip will be Friday for sure . Don't miss out. I don't know how long this fishing is gonna last. I still have a bunch of bonus tags left to give out. See you on Friday, Capt. Rob

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I just received a call from three sources. The bird life is up and the Stripers are biting.We are fishing Tomorrow Wednesday the 16th I have gotten a few calls so we will be headed out for sure.I have lots of bonus tags to get rid of so come on down.
        See you tomorrow Capt. Rob

Monday, December 14, 2015


Tomorrow looks OK as far as weather goes. They are talking some west wind but it will be fine for us and that wind usually gets the Stripers going. As of now I have 3 people for tomorrow if you are thinking of coming give me a call so i can see if its worth it for you to make the trip  down. I will post again around 7:00 tonight and give you the outcome. Capt. Rob 732 291-4468

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Nobody raking leaves today, But today would have been the day to do it. We had a nice gang today I had gotten a call early from one of the charter boats who was at the grounds around 7:30. The report was mostly Stripers hardly any Blues and they were biting good.I got all geared up and got the bonus tags ready and put on my boots ,ready to gaff and net like I have been doing since Wednesday. As we got close to the grounds I could see all the birds just like its been the past four days. Unfortunately we were getting there at the end of the tide and I was told they weren't biting as good.I figured not a problem they will get hungry again at the change of tide and we will be fine even if its half as good as its been. To make a long story short they never did get very hungry. We had a couple drifts that we picked at some fish but they were mostly Blues with a very odd Striper. A couple guys caught a half dozen some two or three and some had none. After 10:30 even when we stopped on good marks on the fish finder they wouldn't eat. The past few days that was happening around noon the fish were shutting down, But by then we had already had plenty of fish, But not today. Today they shut down early and that was it there nothing I could do about it. All in all a frustrating day. I know this time of year everyone has lots to do including me. With that said we are not going to fish tomorrow with the forecast of drizzle,rain and fog. As of now they are calling for west wind on Tuesday15-20 with gusts to 30 if that forecast stays the same and they don't increase it or switch it to NW we will give it a shot. If we don't go Tuesday then Wednesday for sure we will be going. The best thing to do this time of year is give me a call and let me know your schedule and if  and when you plan on coming down. 732-291-4468. I am planning on fishing till next weekend for sure then I will play it by ear. It all has to do with the fishing the weather and the participation.
                       Thanks , Capt. Rob

Saturday, December 12, 2015


I guess most people stayed home today and raked leaves. I was shocked at the light crowed we had on such a gorgeous day and with the fishing as good as its been . Anyway the fishing is staying consistent the past few days,  We  are banging away at the Big Blues with some Stripers mixed in keepers, slots and shorts Hopefully see you tomorrow, Capt. Rob

Friday, December 11, 2015


Today was just like yesterday. The Big Blues overpowered the Stripers again today. You couldn't ask for better action. I think if we can get rid of some of these Jumbo Blues we would see more Stripers being caught. But they sure are fun to catch! We did manage a few keeper Stripers some Bonus tag Stripers and a few short ones. All in all between the great weather and the fishing nobody can complain. Every day like the past few are a bonus. Last year at this time it was cold and we were done for the year.The weekend forecast looks super so forget shopping,raking leaves or just hanging on the couch watching TV, You have plenty of time for that.I don't know how long this fishing or weather will last.
See you on the boat, Capt. Rob

Thursday, December 10, 2015


You cant ask for much more. Here it is December 10th and its 60 degrees. What a great day on the water. The Big Blues were relentless today and didn't give the Stripers much of a chance but we did land some. keeper Stripers, Bonus Stripers and short Stripers along with countless big angry Blues. The weather looks great for the next three days so don't hesitate to come down.
 See you soon, Capt. Rob

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Its not over yet!!!!!! Very lite crowd today only nine guys had faith to come out on such a nice day. We picked away all day with Stripers and Big Blues. Here it is December 9th and there were plenty of Blues around today. Everyone went home with at least a bonus Striper and some guys managed to take home two Stripers as a few stripers over 28 inches. We will be back at it tomorrow. I will fish at least until Sunday and if the weather and the fish cooperate I will go into next week. I know of a few guys coming tomorrow so if you can swing it come down.
                      See you soon, Capt. Rob

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It looks like some of the good regulars want to give it a shot tomorrow. I received some more encouraging news about more bird life today. Its gonna be nice out so we are going fishing. Hopefully Ill have a good report to put up tomorrow and we can keep it going another couple weeks.
   Ill see some of you tomorrow, Capt. Rob


I received some very encouraging news today. One of the boats out blackfish today called to let me know he saw a large area of birds today with fish swirling in them. I took a ride down the beach in my truck about a hour after he called and they were still there where he said. Another friend of mine was out in his own boat by himself yesterday and found some bigger fish in some Bunker and also jigged some slot sized fish in some birds by Ambrose channel. I would like to give it a shot tomorrow if anyone is interested please give me a call 7322914468 if I don't answer leave a message and let me know you want to go. I will post tonight at 6:00 and let you know if we have enough interest to make it out. It is suppose to be a nice day. I also have bonus tags for everyone. The NJ division of fish and game gave me another 50 tags and they called yesterday and said I could have more if I need them.
                             Thanks, Hopefully see you tomorrow, Capt. Rob

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Another day of looking and nothing to show for it. The past couple days has been like watching the Giants play football. I'm not going to fish the next few days. I cannot go out there and do what Ive been doing the past three days. I will check with the guys who are going out either bottom fishing or if anybody is going to try for Stripers and see whats going on. It may be over. I will post later in the week and see if we are going to give it a try. Hopefully we get another crack at them this week will tell.
                Hopefully see you soon, Capt. Rob

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Yesterdays bad fishing looked good compared to today. I searched high and low again today but could find nothing, There is still plenty of bait around and I cant believe the Stripers are gone.Every year we still have plenty of  fish around in December. The weather usually makes us pack it in not the fishing.Today I turned the trip into a half day trip and docked at 12:30 I'm not one to give up but I could yell we were whipping a dead horse.Tomorrow and Mondays weather look very nice I'm not going to call it over yet. Hopefully its just a temporary setback. I will give it hell again tomorrow. These pics are from yesterday
            See you soon, Capt. Rob

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