Sunday, November 25, 2018


I don't know if you guys had the weather last night like we did in south and central jersey but Holy Cow . It was a mini Nor'easter. Today there was a big swell in the ocean and the water was dirty. There were no reports of birds over hungry Stripers anywhere. I decide to hit a spot that has been good to me in the past and it payed off. We had very good action early on with the shorts I know one guy who is a very good fishermen landed 33 shorts. We ended up with a handful to take home. I know of a few guys who are showing up tomorrow to fish. The weather doesn't look great but if its the only day you can make it we will give it a shot. If the weather forecast stays the same for Tuesday west wind with gusts to 40 we will not be going. As of now Wednesday looks like the day when everything should settle down and we have our best shot at a good day. See you soon, Capt. Rob

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