Tuesday, December 26, 2017

SEA HUNTER 12-26 REPORT We were scrooged today

Only a few brave souls showed up today. I new I should have just sent everyone home. But I figured its the last trip of the season and theses people were ready to brave the cold I would take them out..As we were heading out we were taking spray and it was freezing up on the boat. It blew a steady 25 with gusts to 30 It was around 10 degrees with the wind chill.  Once we made the turn to head down the beach it was pretty nice with the wind at our back and the beach protecting us from the seas. I was hoping the fish were where we left them on Sunday or even close to the area. To make a long story short.There was no bird life at all, only bait marks on the fish finder, we caught one Mackerel..Froze our buts off. All the rods that were at the rail and lots of the boat were frozen solid. I gave the guys some money back and docked at noon. It was a very good fall with the Stripers this year the weather was nice most days and that super late run of big fish put the icing on the cake. I hated to end it this way, but all good things must come to a end.Thanks again to everyone who fished with us..Have a safe and healthy winter. Spring is only a few months away! See you soon for spring Stripers, Capt. Rob


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