Saturday, December 19, 2020

SEA HUNTER 12-19 STRIPERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I wasn't sure what to expect today. After 4 days off and that big Nor'easter and being the only striper boat out looking it could have been a long day with just a boat ride. Well it was far from that it was the best fishing of the year as far as number of Stripers  caught goes. If you were sleeping you could have caught 30. Those of you who know me and read my reports know I don't BS. and I am going light on my count for 15 people  we had over 700 stripers easy. Big Bob kept count and he had 116 alone. We didn't keep many but if you not a meat fishermen and just like catching fish it doesn't get any better! We will be fishing tomorrow and hopefully at least till Christmas eve as the weather is going to get a little warmer. I'm playing it by ear now and will go as long as there are fish and people to catch them.

 See you soon, If not Happy Holidays, Capt. Rob

Big Bob He broke his old SEA HUNTER  record today with 116 stripers
                                                          That's going to be hard to beat

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