Sunday, September 6, 2020


 We struggled on Saturday with the keepers but I came out looking for revenge today and got it!! Very good day plenty of action a nd a good amount of keepers. there were 3 people with limits including my daughter who came out for the first time this year. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Doug the Duke also had his limit and a 5 lb pool fish. Paul Schuckalo was out yesterday and had one keeper but redeemed himself  today with a limit including a 4 lber. One thing for sure is you must put some effort into it if you want to catch keepers. Continuous bouncing of  the sinker  The people with limits never let that sinker just drag bottom, its always bouncing. And 5 or 6 inch Gulp I do sell it on the boat if you don't have it. I sell it for $7.00 a bag and that's cheaper then most tackle stores. Tomorrow looks like another beautiful Day. and we will be back out there. Fluke season is over on 9-19 So time is running out. See you soon, and be safe. Capt. Rob

                                                        My Daughter I taught her well

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