Saturday, November 19, 2016


It was a very slow morning today. I hung in the area i have been fishing for the past couple days and putting together a catch of Stripers. I made a bunch of stops on the only readings i could locate on the fish finder with not much success. We caught a short and lost another fish. I was hoping on the tide change things would come together like it has been. It took lots of patience not to take off and start looking elsewhere but I knew everywhere else has been pretty dead. It was getting late I was just telling one of my friends on the radio I could have my first skunk of the season. Then finally a small patch of birds showed and we landed a few Stripers. after that died I looked with the binoculars and Holy Crap! There were birds everywhere. We stopped the boat and the rods were bending it wasn't Stripers but the Big Blues and they were everywhere in all the areas I made stops in earlier in the day. When they want to eat they eat and they were hungry. We stayed out a little late we had six Stripers and plenty of big blues. I t was a good ending to the day I would have liked to seen more Stripers but sometimes you cant get what you want. I don't know where all the Blues came from but they were there, We will not be fishing Sunday or Monday  as it is gonna be extremely windy. I am not sure about Tuesday yet. I will post on Monday and let you know. Wednesday for sure looks good and Thursday is our annual Thanksgiving day trip we leave at 6:30 and return 11:30. Have a great weekend and I will see you next week.Thanks for checking in, Capt. Rob

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