Thursday, April 30, 2015


Today was the way it should be. We had good marks on the machine we stropped the boat and caught fish. We had a nice morning bite till the current slowed up with shorts and some nice keepers. Once that died we made a move and once the current started moving the bite was on again.One thing I would like to point out when you come on board with your own tackle make sure you check your line if its old or brittle and has a few kinks spend the money and put some new line on. if your not sure then change it. Also if your gonna tie your own hooks and leaders make make sure the knot is tied correctly. If your not sure ask one of the deckhands to take a look they will set you up correctly. They will also check your drag and once they set it DON'T TOUCH IT!! We lost some big fish today for all the reasons I just mentioned. Whatever we do is for a reason. We want you to catch fish. Hopefully tomorrow we can repeat today without losing the big ones. We left them biting today. The pool winner went around 25 lbs. Here is some of the catch.Some guys didn't want to be photographed.
                               See you tomorrow, Capt. Rob

The masked man with today's pool winner

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