Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Capt. Howard is out captaining the SEA HUNTER as he does every Wednesday and gave me a call to tell me the morning fishing was good with nice size Fluke, the pool winner in the 6 lb class. He said the afternoon fishing is good so far with a very lite crowd .A first time Lady Fluker with a rental rod just landed a 9.13 lb Fluke. We are doing good in the 9lb bracket but we just cant get that ten pound Fluke this year.  Maybe on other boats they would call that one Ten pounds but we don't BS on the Hunter. What you read is how it really is. Only ten days left till the end of the season. Come on down and try and get your big Fluke before its to late.I will post some pics and update the report tomorrow night. Tomorrows weather looks great. NOAA weather as of now is calling for some East wind on Friday with gusts to 25. Not that they are always rite and could change it but if you can pick your day I would pick Tomorrow over Friday. See you soon, Capt. Rob

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