Tuesday, December 3, 2013


OK so there are not many keepers around. But where the heck are the people who just enjoy being out on the water on a nice day and catching fish. The weather has been gorgeous and the fishing is great and we barely can get enough people to get out. This will more then likely be our last week.  Today we had one man who kept count of his fish he had 59 Stripers. Low man had around 30. And the bite stopped around 12:30  It was like fishing in a barrel. All I am trying to say is if you enjoy catching fish you better get down this week while the weather is nice and we are still fishing. This is Last call till spring.
                                         Hopefully I will see you, Capt. Rob
                                              Tim even caught today
                                           One that just was a little short
                                            Plenty of elbow room

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