Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sorry for the posting delay. Ive been extremely busy between work and family. On most days the action is very good, Plenty of Fluke around. We did have a few days this past week when the bigger fish were hungry, A few 5 and 6 pounds were boated and more keepers were coming over the rails. Its different everyday a few days ago we had one of our best trips of the year and the next day was one of our slowest trips. When you get a chance come down just do it because you never know. You can read about the good days, Or you can be on the boat and live it. And another thing don't let the weather man scare you they are wrong most of the time all those Thunder storms they predict everyday, So far this summer we were hit with two of them, most seem to miss us.
I hope to see you soon, And thanks for checking in, Capt Rob

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