Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We left the dock today with a hand full of guys. headed out into the bay Water temp was 33 degrees and dirty from all the runoff, as we rounded the hook the temp started to rise a little but not enough. I looked to the east were there was plenty of bird life last week but it was barren. I kinda thought that would be the case with the cold and dirty water but i didn't want to pass anything up. So i headed out to deeper water with my fingers crossed thinking that was my best shot. We past a tide line and the water looked much cleaner and it was up to 44 degrees unfortunately there was no bird life and the fish finder was blank. I met up with the Gambler at the Shrewsbury Rocks, and he was not having any luck either. we both looked around and then parted ways, he went back to the South and i went North. I had some live Eels on board and thought i would try the Channels as a last resort. The one place i thought we had chance the guys couldn't hold bottom with 16 ounces. I tried a few shallower spots but NG. It could have just been the day, with all the snow. wind, runoff and Cold temps from the past few days, I was going to try to fish till the New year but looking at the upcoming weather forecast and the day i had today I'm just going to call it a year. Thanks to everyone who fished with me. I hope you have a great holiday and a Happy New Year. And i will see you again in April for the Stripers. Thanks Again, Capt Rob

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