Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We didn't make it out the past couple days. We did make it out on Monday. Did you ever have one of those days when you could do nothing wrong? Well Monday was not that day for me. Left the dock with 12 people i thought it was going to be an easy day. Went rite to the area that has been hot with the clam baits. We got there around slack water so i thought it would start off slow then when the tide changed it would get hot. i tried to be patient but we could only get a few shorts to bite. I left the area and tried a drift with eels in the channel Ng. So i decided to take a ride to where we fished Sunday and did well on jigs. It was about an hour away but if the fish were biting it would be worth the trip. I just about got there and i received a call the Stripers were biting the only thing was it was in the spot that we started our day in. It was already around 12:00 and i couldn't turn around now i would get back there and the tide would be just about slack. So we get to the jigging spot and it was mostly Blues and a few short bass on the jigs. Anyway by the end of the day I burnt allot of fuel and had a migraine headache from hell. When things don't go rite its not easy being the captain. But when the fish are biting and the customers are happy there is no better job. Thank God there are more good days then bad

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