Tuesday, December 19, 2017

SEA HUNTER 12-19 STRIPER REPORT. The pressure was on today

It was nice to see a good turnout today, with really great bunch of guys.I was really hoping not to disappoint them after the super fishing we had the day before I know this would probably be the last trip of the season for most of them. Well I think I did my job well today and most people wont forget this trip. I am not lying when I tell you I really don't know how many big fish we threw back today. I am suppose to keep a log for the State of what we keep and release but there was no way to keep up on the ones being thrown back. All I can tell you is there were three of us netting on deck and at times we couildnt keep up. The fish were flying!! Most of the fish were bigger then 28 inches and it took us all day to catch enough Bonus fish (That is a striper between 24 and 28 inches if you don't know). Usually I'm looking for bigger fish but the pat few days after the second drift I am looking for the smaller ones but today I couldn't find a nice school of them like I did yesterday. There were a few guys who kept count and they were between 12 and19 and high hook was in the low 20s These are all big fish, so thats a great day. I'm gonna take a guess and say at least 300 keepers were thrown back and I'm sure I'm light on the count. The biggest was caught by Harry Hunt it was 28 lbs. Rich Sloan had one 22lbs. Most of the fish were 10 to 16 lbs. You really have to be here to appreciate it. If your a Striper guy and you haven't been down the past three days I hope you can get in on it before its over. I will not be fishing tomorrow Wed. the 13th. The report is for Northwest wind with gusts to 35 knots. So Thursday will be your next shot and Friday looks good also. Thanks for checking in Capt. Rob  Here is just some of today's catch.
Harry Hunt 28 lb Striper that was released

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