Tuesday, October 27, 2020


 I figured with Sundays report we would have a bunch of people today. I don't know what you waiting for ITS STRIPER TIME!!!!! A very good day today with fish from 30 to 50 lbs. We landed a good amount but lost a good amount also. All the fish today were too big and all were released. the big ones don't taste that good anyway and most if not everyone who caught one is  happy just to have had the opportunity  to land one of these trophy fish. Some guys today caught multiple fish and a few were not that lucky. If you plan on coming Please bring a rod that can handle these fish! If you bring a light rod with good line you will probably land them but after a long battle the fish comes up almost dead. We had one today that after a long battle we threw her back and she floated. Luckily we netted her when I went back up on a drift and revived her in the net and she swam away. Besides me harping about tight drags, check your knots and your line also . We allow braid but to be honest live eel fishing its not recommended and not needed. If it gets in a eel tangle its a bitch to get out. Me personally if I am on deck and I'm at the braid tangle I get one of the deckhands to handle it I wont deal with it, I use 25-30 lb Andy line and never had a problem catching stripers. It looks like tomorrow is a beautiful day. Thursday is rain but the fish don't care they are already wet  and I do have enough signed up to go so get your rain gear on if you cant make tomorrow. Friday does not look good, lots of wind so we will probably cancel unless something changes. We landed a good amount but lost a good amount also

I hope to see you I would like you to catch one of these beauties Thanks for looking in, Capt. Rob

Mark landed three today the biggest was 50 lbs.


Sunday, October 25, 2020


The NE wind did its job today! It got the big bass hungry! All the fish that were caught were too big. The smallest was 40 inches and around 25 the rest were over 30 the biggest about 45 lbs. We also lost a few . One i thought the guy was stuck on bottom it was ripping drag on one of our poles  but it came to the top in the distance,  it was a  jumbo but we ended up losing that one. All the Stripers were released to hopefully produce many more Stripers for the future. a The NMFS rules and regulations make no sense at all, but releasing the big female stripers that does make sense. As far as the regulations for Fluke sea bass bluefish etc. I have no idea what the thought process is there, but  as party and charter boats go we have to abide by the law, as we do get checked on occasion.  Now for the bad news, Tomorrows trip is cancelled first off for lack of participation but its gonna be ugly tomorrow. Ne winds 20-25 today and into tomorrow It would not be fun. But Tuesday is a go. So get you shit together and hopefully we will get into those big ones again! If you want to reserve for the rest of the week you can book online or call or text me 732 291-4468
See you soon, Capt. Rob

                                              First fish on boat 30 lbs

                                              Same guy who caught first fish also landed this 45 lbs

Saturday, October 24, 2020


 Only a few fish today all caught on the first three drifts. after that the current slowed and the wind was against us and we hardly moved the rest of the day. I'm hoping tomorrows NE wind helps us out. We will find out! See you soon, Capt. Rob

Friday, October 23, 2020


 I expected a few more people for a Friday. Well we made it out and I was expecting a good bite. That didn't happen. It sounded like it was a late bite today. I did stay a little longer but  it didn't happen for us. We caught a few but I would have liked to caught more. That's October Stripers fishing. We will be back out there tomorrow. And remember don't tighten the drag all the way! Some of these fish are big and will pop that line like nothing, It happened again today. You may only get one shot at a fish and you don't want to blow it. See you soon, Capt. Rob

Thursday, October 22, 2020


 It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. We are using live eels if your bringing your own rods bring something that can handle a 8-14 sinker 2-030 lb test mono preferred but you can use braid  even though its a PITA when it gets in a tangle but we will deal with it if that's what you have. also bring a rod you can cast in case the fish are up top and we go to jigs or shads. or if we snag and live line some bunker. also very important if you use our rods the drags are preset DO NOT MESS WITH IT !! The line will part as some of these fish are big.  I'm waiting for my pictures we have a new system that will end today! Here are a few I will put the rest up later 

See you soon, Capt. Rob         

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