Thursday, November 16, 2017


It was not the super fishing we have been experiencing the past couple weeks. Today was more of a normal good day. We had a couple very good drifts with some nice fish up to 25 lbs and a few drifts was just a pick. The bite died around 11:00 we looked around but could only find a handful of shorts.We ended up with a descent catch and we released some to fight another day. Tomorrow the marine forecast is for Gale forced winds NW up to 35 knots. We will be cancelling Fridays Striper trip but will resume fishing on Saturday. Here are a few pics from today.
See you soon, Capt. Rob

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SEA HUNTER 11-15 STRIPER REPORT. Everyone is going to be spoiled after this fall run.

I can remember back in the day (the year was 1993) when I first started in the party boat fishing business, and I told my dad, god rest his soul, that I wanted to go for Stripers in the fall. None of the other boats in Atlantic Highlands were doing it, and he said I was making a big mistake. He wanted us to go bottom fishing like everyone else. It took a little persuading, but finally he said if you want to try it then give it a shot. Back then if you came in with a few keepers on the boat you had a good day. The first few years we didn't carry many people, but we paid the bills and more importantly I loved doing it. My dad was not usually wrong, but in this case he was. If he is looking down I'm sure he is proud of me especially with how the industry has grown, and now for the actual fishing report... It was another very good day with the Stripers. I was a little concerned when I saw all the little boats heading out, but they didn't spook the Stripers today. I don't see any slow down yet so I am counting on another good day tomorrow. The past few days we have been averaging a pool winner of 24 lb, but today we nailed a 28 lb Striper. It was caught by Sandar Baker from Norristown, PA. Here are a few pics from today. See you tomorrow, Capt. Rob
28 lb Striper

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

SEA HUNTER 11-14 STRIPER REPORT The Stripers just keep coming !!!!!!!!!!

I have been doing this for a long time and this may go down as one of the best fall runs ever. I have seen many good days but not as consistent as its been this fall. The only slow days have been on the super nice days when everyone who has a boat is out and racing around like a idiot.All I can sat is it doesn't get better then this. We had the limit of big fish early again today and played catch and release for the rest of the day Jigs and shads worked well. If you want to catch some nice stripers now is the time. I don't know how long this kind of fishing can last. The pool winner was 24 lbs and caught by John Martins from Green brook NJ. Here are a few pics, See you soon, Capt. Rob

Monday, November 13, 2017

SEA HUNTER 11-13 STRIPERS What a difference a day makes!!!!!!!

It was just as i was hoping it would be today. The Stripers were hungry .I was pleasantly surprised we had a some people on the boat today with the crummy forecast. There was bird life in many different areas with hungry stripers under them. Hardly any boat traffic at all to screw things up.We had our boat limit of keepers by 10:00 and started throwing the 28 inch and bigger stripers over to fight another day. We played catch and release for the rest of the day hoping to get enough bonus fish for everyone. We did manage 13 bonus fish by days end, not enough for everyone. That is not a bad problem to have when the fish are all to big. The fish were hungry all day and we left them biting  Here are some pics, a small portion of today's catch, See you soon, Capt. Rob. PS Do not forget the Thanksgiving day Striper trip. We depart the dock at 6:30 and return around 11:30.

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