Monday, November 18, 2019


Tomorrow Tuesday 11-19  weather looks .See yoy then, Capt. Rob

Friday, November 15, 2019


Yesterday was and is still the best day of the fall so far. Today was ok but not the fast easy fishing we had yesterday. We still ended up with a bunch of shorts 30 slot fish and four Stripers over 28 inches. everyone caught but not everyone went home with one.I knew when I saw al the boat traffic it was  not going to be the same bite, the boat traffic spooks them, guys running around like mad men racing from one patch of birds to the other, or the best is the guys trolling through the birds. and you have to avoid the trolling lines to get to the birds.Anyway I could go on and on, like I always say Its not easy! Thanks again to those who fish with us, You are a great bunch of people.  we will be having the next three days off due to high winds and rough seas, Hopefully Tuesday we will be back out there. See you soon, Capt.

Thursday, November 14, 2019


What a day today! We had to travel a little farther today instead of 10 minutes out we had to go a half hour.  It was non stop easy fishing from start to finish. It didn't matter what you threw at them everything worked, the Stripers were hungry.We had almost all our slots fish {stripers between 24 and just under 28 inches} after the first drift along with loads of shorts. The second drift we took care of the limit. It was the best day of the fall so far as far as number of fish caught,.high hook was in the 50s. We did have some Stripers over 28 inches and many that were just a little short of the 28 inch mark. We will hopefully catch them like that again tomorrow. Try to be early, I expect to have a nice gang of nice people onboard tomorrow.
See you then, Capt. Rob
Mike and his father dick had 54 fish combined

Howard showed off and had 52 Stripers today

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


We just had a couple days off. We are good to go Thursday and Friday, I am not sure about the weekend yet as of now they are calling for strong NE winds with gusts to 35. Lets hope that changes. See you soon, Capt. Rob

Monday, November 11, 2019


Excellent day today with the Stripers and it was right outside our front door. We were catching by7:40 and was never more then 20 minutes outside our harbor. Usually we can get a quick shot of fish in our bay till the boat traffic kills it but today they wanted to eat and they did eat all day. Plenty of action and plenty of slot sized fish. If you wanted a Striper dinner tonight you got it! High hook was between 40 and 50 fish and even first timers were catching good today. We had four fish over 28 inches. I am suppose to keep count of the shorts for the state but to be honest I couldn't keep up and  lost count. Lets just say hundreds and hundreds of Stripers, With all that good news comes the bad news, Tomorrow and Wednesday look like @#%& so we will not be fishing. Gear up for Thursday as that's our next day out.   See you soon, Capt. Rob
Here is some of todays catch

Sunday, November 10, 2019

SEA HUNTER 11-10 STRIPERS !!!!!!!!!

A very good day today. There seem to be more Stripers showing up daily.  Mostly slot size 24 to 28 inches but they are best eating size and everyone went home with dinner. We did have a few over 28 inches also .Tomorrows weather looks good. I hope to see you, If not enjoy the day, Capt. Rob Here is some of todays catch.

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