Tuesday, November 24, 2020


A much nicer day today then Sunday. I was happy to see a bunch of regulars onboard today . One thing for sure the striper fishing has been very good to excellent. I didn't think or expect it to get much better. Today our first drift changed that thought. It was so far the drift of the year. The stripers were flying. We had all our bonus fish plus 16 fish over 28 inches on the first drift and I'm honestly not sure how many we threw back. I did my best to keep track for my records but I couldn't keep up. Of course it was unrepeatable and the rest of the day we just picked and played catch and release. We will be back at it tomorrow. right now the Thanksgiving day trip is not boking very well I know they are calling for some showers in the  morning I know the fish don't care they are already wet. Now I'm waiting on you. Book online or let me know by tomorrow night. See you soon, Capt. Rob

Sunday, November 22, 2020


 The seas were angry today my friends!  I have never buried the pulpit on the SEA HUNTER till today. I did it three times. The wind came up early, I was not expecting it till late morning. The seas became a little nasty and it was getting uglier as the trip went on. Luckily the fish were hungry. We did what we had to do!!, Everyone went home with Striper dinner. I gave everyone a discount for next trip and told them to come back when they could actually enjoy themselves, and we docked at 11:45. Here are some pics. Tomorrows trip Monday is cancelled and we will resume fishing on Tuesday. See you soon, Capt. Rob

Saturday, November 21, 2020


 I was amazed at all the boats out there today HOLY COW! I know I made a few new trolling friends. It was impossible to get where you wanted to get sometimes without pissing someone off. Anyway we had a fantastic morning loads of Stripers of all sizes. About 11-11:30 it slowed to just a few fish a drift but that was ok we had our shot. 11 year old Daniel Tartakoeski from Fair Lawn Is a new member of the SEA HUNTER FISHING TEAM  he landed 16 Stripers and after a while wasn't even waiting for the net he swinging them over the rail.  Great job Daniel!!!Here are some pics. We will be back at it tomorrow, See you soon, Capt. Rob

11 year old Dan the Man  Tartakoeski

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