Sunday, December 24, 2017

SEA HUNTER CHRISTMAS EVE STRIPERS!!! They were hungry today!!!!!!!!!!

After Fridays trip and all that rain and wind yesterday I wasn't sure what was going to happen today. A very small crowed today got a early Christmas present.  I started off the day with all the shorts and bonus fish we could handle. Then it was time to go find the big ones. And the big ones we did find and they were hungry. Limits all around.There are still plenty of Stripers out there! I am going to give you Striper fishermen one more shot if you have it in you. I am going to fish Tuesday the day after Christmas then I'm going to call it a season. It looks like the temperature is really going to drop to below freezing from Wednesday on. So Tuesday is it. Last call. Thanks so much to everyone for coming down and I hope you enjoyed it. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and If I don't see you Tuesday Have a great new year.
Thanks again, Capt. Rob


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