Saturday, December 6, 2014


The way the weather looks for the next five days we will not be going anywhere. As much as I hate to throw the towel in I think it's time. It seems like every year our Striper season gets shorter. This was without a doubt the most frustrating  fall run I can remember as far as Striper fishing goes. The smaller fish showed up a little later than usual and when they did they were very hard to catch. We finally started catching them good the past two weeks, but it was a little too late as there weren't any big fish mixed in. The big Stripers really never made a good showing.We had a few different times that we did catch them and looked like it was going to start, but the next day they were nowhere to be found. All we can do now is hope for a good spring Striper run, and also hope the state doesn't screw us too bad. One thing for sure is they want to give us a 25% reduction with the Stripers. I'm not sure how they are going to do it, but there is talk that NJ may keep the bonus program going.That would still keep us at a two fish limit in Jersey waters, and as far as Fluke goes who knows if any new regulations will be put in place. Anyway as sad as it is to say the 2014 season is over for us.
 On behalf of myself and the crew we would like to thank you for coming down and fishing with us.It is very much appreciated. I hope you have a great holiday season and a safe and  healthy winter. Hopefully spring will get here quick.
                                                                 Thanks again, Capt. Rob

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